Tips for Touring a Senior Living Community
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Tips for Touring a Senior Living Community

Ready to Consider Downsizing to a Senior Living Community?

After you or a loved one has made the important decision to downsize and move to a senior living community, it’s time to start researching all your options. Whether you’re looking for a community that offers independent living for seniors in a private home or apartment, or need an option that offers help with daily living activities in a comfortable assisted living apartment, knowing what questions to ask and what to look for on your tour can help you through this transitional time.

Touring Senior Living Communities

It’s recommended to visit several communities as you search for a new home for yourself or a loved one. Don’t immediately settle on the first option, or choose the community simply because it’s the closest one to your or your loved one’s current home.

Make a list of communities to visit, and then keep in mind these tips as you’re walking through the halls and around the grounds:

  • Note the state of the hallways, rooms and grounds. Throughout your tour of the community, observe how well-maintained the hallways, common areas and landscaping are. There should be communal areas both inside and outside that are clean, inviting and pleasantly decorated.
  • Sit with residents for a meal. The quality of the food the community offers is vital to overall health and happiness! To get a true feel for the dining offerings, actually sit down with the current residents for lunch or dinner on a regular day. Find out what the residents think about the menu, and whether or not the kitchen staff adequately accommodates dietary restrictions or food allergies.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Talk to various staff members throughout the tour as much as possible. Great questions to ask include:
        • How is the building secured?
        • Does the staff undergo background checks?
        • Are emergency systems in place for all levels of care?
        • What are the visiting hours for friends and loved ones?
        • Does the community offer accommodations for overnight guests?
        • What social activities or events are planned?
        • Is off-campus transportation available for errands or appointments?

    Your goal is to discover as much about the community as you possibly can to make sure it will match your expectations.

  • Get online feedback about the community. Your tour doesn’t end at the retirement community. Along with talking to current residents about what they enjoy most about living there, you should also look for online reviews to learn what others have experienced. Weigh the amount of positive reviews against the negative.
  • Trust your instincts. If you find you or your loved one are having a difficult time making a decision, remember to go with your gut. Was there one community in particular that offered a variety of social activities that best fit your interests? Did you like the floorplan of one living space better than another? Take a break or get a good night’s sleep before making your final decision, or even write down lists of pros and cons of your favorite senior living communities.

Remember, this experience is all about discovering where you or your loved one will be happy and comfortable, as well as gaining peace of mind that any future healthcare needs will be met.

Experience Vibrant Senior Living at Concordia

Concordia is a full-service continuing care retirement community in Oklahoma City. We’ve compiled a helpful guidebook to designed to help you make the most informed decision possible in regards to finding the right senior living option for your needs. Click here to download this valuable tool today!

To learn more about our vibrant community, check out our floorplans, read testimonials from residents, or contact us to schedule a visit to see all that our beautiful community has to offer.

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