Become a Concordia Life Plan Community Resident

You can’t predict the future, but you can plan for it. With a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), also called a Life Plan Community, you can enjoy an independent lifestyle today without worrying about the potential cost of additional care tomorrow.

At Concordia, we understand the benefits of a CCRC firsthand. To help guide your planning, let’s take a closer look at why our community may be right for you, so you can feel confident in your life choice to become a Concordia Life Plan Community resident.

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What is a CCRC?

A Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), also known as a Life Plan Community, provides a quality, residential living environment in which senior adults live full, independent lives as actively as they wish, with the assurance of on-site assisted living, rehabilitation and skilled nursing care if needed. This makes them differ from monthly rental communities – by offering guaranteed healthcare should the need arise.


Life at Our CCRC in Oklahoma

At a CCRC, you can live your best life now with a range of supportive living services and get the peace of mind that no matter what changes the future brings, you’ll have access to compassionate health support.

Residents can enjoy common areas for dining and other activities, as well as a wide range of convenient services and amenities. In addition, Concordia provides opportunities for a wide range of spiritual, cultural, educational and recreational pursuits.

Opportunities include a multi-purpose room for community gatherings, living room, coffee nook, exercise room, walking paths, computer station, card and game rooms, gardening area with raised garden beds, library, chapel and beauty shop. We also provide regularly scheduled transportation to a wide variety of popular area activities.

Benefits of a CCRC

A Life Plan Retirement Community, like Concordia, gives residents the flexibility to navigate the future without needing to relocate or look for outside health support. In addition to this continuum of living support, CCRCs offer:

  • Supportive living services
  • A close-knit community
  • Easy access to dining, wellness activities other amenities
  • A sense of safety and security
  • Potential tax benefits

Together these benefits allow for a flexible approach to the future and meaningful pathways to thrive.

CCRC Care Options

At Concordia Life Plan Community, spacious residential apartments and patio homes are offered in a campus-style setting offering stimulating activities, dining choices and social interaction for independent living, assisted living and memory care.

Nursing and rehabilitation are available on-site in a Medicare certified nursing center. The ability to move up in care as needed while staying on campus offers residents the assurance of quality, convenience and connectivity to their community. For more questions about our healthcare offerings, please check out our Living Options.

Services & Amenities

Concordia advocates for wellness in mind, body and spirit. Residents can engage with lifelong learning programming, such as seminars, volunteering, fitness classes and wellness programs.

The Concordia community is vibrant and residents enjoy rich social lives through group games, events and celebrations. Many also connect with neighbors through hobby-based programs and faith-based services, including spiritual support, bible study groups and morning devotionals.

Overall, Concordia promotes innovative paths for residents to pursue lifelong interests and enjoy endeavors they’ve never tried before.

Cost of a CCRC

Though the cost of a CCRC varies greatly, it typically ranges between $2,000 to $5,000 a month. Depending on the CCRC, you can usually decide between all-inclusive care or fee-for-service care. Some Life Plans may also make financial arrangements for buying your CCRC home. Be sure to check out Concordia’s Financial Options and Cost Calculator to learn more.

Contact Concordia Today

For more than a decade, we’ve been committed to providing unparalleled service and value at Concordia. Our community offers exceptional, compassionate care personalized to fit your needs, giving you seamless access to a range of supportive living services.

Our Life Plan encourages you to live on your terms and make decisions that are best for you – no matter what the future may bring. Reach out to Concordia today to become a Life Plan Community resident.


Can I afford a CCRC?

CCRCs generally have diverse pricing, so you should reach out directly to the communities you’re interested in. At Concordia, for example, our Life Plan has numerous of financial benefits for residents. You can learn more by talking to our team about our Financial Options.

How can I find the right CCRC for me?

Finding the right Life Plan Community is an important decision. You can start the process by researching CCRCs near you and learning about the living levels and amenities they offer. If questions arise, you can contact the community to get specific details. Next, you’ll want to make in-person visits to get a feel for the community. Often this is the deciding factor to discover whether it’s a good fit for you.