Downsizing Tips for Seniors
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The Joys of Downsizing Your Home

Downsizing Tips for Seniors

More and more these days, many seniors are beginning to realize the joy that comes with downsizing their homes after retirement. While moving out of the home you’ve lived in for many years can feel overwhelming and bittersweet, if you’re looking for an active, carefree lifestyle, eliminating some of the hassles that come along with home ownership is an important step to take.

Why should you consider downsizing your home? Perhaps your current home is too large and requires a great deal of maintenance that is becoming too much for you or your spouse to handle. If there are rooms you hardly ever step foot in, and you dread tasks like yardwork or cleaning the house from top to bottom, these are good signs it’s time to downsize.

Plus, you’ll need to consider the financial benefits that come with downsizing. Even if your home has appreciated in value, big-ticket repairs like replacing the furnace or a leaky roof can really add up. The cost of living in your current home is always on the rise.

Seniors who downsize and move into an independent living community experience less stress and more free time to do all the things they enjoy, whether it’s expanding their minds, picking up a new hobby, or simply spending time with people who share common interests.

How to Start Downsizing Your Home for Retirement

When you’ve made the decision that it’s time to move into a smaller space and enjoy more free time, the first order of business is recognizing that everything you own cannot be moved with you. Here are a few downsizing tips seniors should keep in mind:

  • Have a plan. If you’re able to get a floor plan or know the dimensions of your new living space, you’ll have a good idea of how much furniture and other belongings can make the move with you. You can even potentially figure out where everything will be placed in your new home to make your moving day a breeze.
  • Create lists. Make lists of things you need to do and include a timeline to help you stay on task. You can also create lists of your belongings that you intend to divvy up among family members or things you can donate or sell.
  • Take time. Downsizing your home isn’t a job that can be accomplished in a single day. Once you know you’re planning a move, start going through your home room by room, or even closet by closet at first, to sort through belongings ahead of time. At the very least, you should plan to start the downsizing process a week before your moving date.
  • Get help from others. Enlisting family members in the process can be a rewarding experience for everyone. Remember, your family is there to support you throughout this transition, and you’ll have peace of mind that some of your more cherished belongings can go to them and be well-cared for.

Enjoy All Life Has to Offer!

Moving into a continuing care retirement community (also called a life plan community) like Concordia will allow you to truly enjoy your retirement years to the fullest extent. In our active senior living community, you’ll always find something to do with others who share your interests. You might even find that you don’t know why you waited so long to downsize your home in the first place!

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