Ladies Auxiliary of Concordia

Our Mission

The Ladies Auxiliary of Concordia is a group of servant-hearted women who raise awareness and funds for Benevolent Care, called the Good Samaritan Fund, and Concordia Life Plan Community – a retirement community which offers independent living, assisted living and memory care options to residents.

Our History

The Ladies Auxiliary of Concordia formed under the leadership of Concordia resident Val Reed in September 2014, and the first event was held on December 5, 2014. Val Reed served as Auxiliary Chair from 2014-2017, during which there were annual luncheons and Christmas Open House events and fundraisers. A highlight of Ms. Reed’s leadership includes Concordia’s 10-year Signature Anniversary Luncheon. Helen Blaney and Bess Wessler served as 2018 Auxiliary Co-Chairs, and Helen Blaney and Betty Myers are serving as 2019 Auxiliary Co-Chairs.   

“To have been involved in the first steps of the planning and the building of a place to call home for aged grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts and uncles is an honor and a privilege, and it has been a prevailing unrelenting passion in my life for the past twenty years.  Now, as God would have it, I am one of those aged grandparents and am reaping the benefits of those first monthly, then quarterly Board meetings, week-end workshops and special tasks. I remember the beginnings of our Concordia Auxiliary and the camaraderie of our friendly and welcoming ladies, as well as our ventures of  luncheons, open houses, fashion shows, helping people in need, and our joy in being able to grow our vital Benevolent Fund. I hope more ladies will join us, to be able to have these kinds of memories of times well spent, both productive and happy. Thanks to all of you Concordia ladies for your friendship, faithfulness and fun. God bless each of you.” — Val Reed, Founding Chair, Ladies Auxiliary 2014-2017 and LSCI Board of Directors (Emeritus)

“As Co-Chairman of the Concordia Ladies Auxiliary, I want to express how happy I am that you could join us for the annual luncheon. I have been a member of the Auxiliary since its formation, which is due to the efforts of Val Reed and Paige Mills-Haag, our Fund Development Director.  This is our fourth luncheon and we have had three Christmas events.  All funds raised have gone to the Good Samaritan Fund (benevolent fund).  With your support, we hope to have many more functions. Thank you for your support.” — Helen Blaney, Ladies Auxiliary Co-Chair, 2018 

“As Co-Chair of the Auxiliary, I am proud to be part of this group of women. We have a wonderful group of ladies!”  — Bess Wessler, Ladies Auxiliary Co-Chair, 2018

(Image by Travis Tindell)

“Families Across Generations” Annual Luncheon