Founded in faith and stewardship.

Concordia’s Oklahoma City Christian Retirement Community Puts Service First

Founded in faith. Driven by purpose. The mission of Concordia senior living is to create a community of those who live their faith, upholding Christian values and life-affirming standards. Concordia is a nonprofit senior living community led by 10 member churches in Oklahoma and is open to residents of all belief systems and backgrounds. Our community brings residents together in a beautiful, amenity-filled setting. Neighbors enjoy 15 acres of beautiful grounds, as well as shared spaces to enjoy time together. Dining options are excellent – our chef prepares restaurant-style dining with fresh ingredients. But what makes our retirement community truly stand apart is our sense of shared values. We don’t just live in a community, but we work each day to create a community with each other and with our city through our actions and our beliefs. The result is a close-knit, loving community that embraces our WISE motto: Wear a smile In all things honor God Serve others before yourself Encourage and bless others


Half a Century of Faith-Based Senior Living

Leaders of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod began planning our senior communities 50 years ago. The first Concordia Life Plan Community opened in 2007. Since then, the community has grown; our bustling campus now includes a health center, commons, and chapel. Our goal is to help each other thrive by meeting health and medical needs. But we honor spiritual needs, too. Concordia believes that a strong soul strengthens the body, providing a sense of joyful purpose. This belief guides our daily activities, as we offer rich spiritual programs with community partners. These include:
  • Daily morning devotionals
  • On-site chapel
  • Visiting chaplains
  • Catholic rosary
  • Bible study groups
Our spiritual anchor also affects the quality of services at Concordia. For us, care is a verb. Staff at our Christian retirement communities in Oklahoma City genuinely care about our residents and demonstrate this daily.

A Christian Retirement Community Serving Our Neighbors

Our purpose reaches beyond our borders and includes the wider Oklahoma City area as well. We partner with many local groups, offering residents opportunities to impact the broader community and share their gifts. It’s in harmony with our mission statement, “Sharing the love of God through service to others.” Our campus hosts several college internship programs, enlivening our grounds with young students. We sponsor a “Be a Santa to a Senior” program, and we partner with other beloved charities and non-profits, including:
  • State Special Olympics
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities of Oklahoma
  • Oklahoma City Thunder Games
  • Children’s Hospital
  • Hugs Project
  • Junior League

About Christian Senior Living at Concordia

At Concordia Christian CCRC, you’ll enjoy a beautifully designed residence and wake up each morning to a full calendar of events. Our community enables each resident to enjoy rewarding volunteer opportunities, recreation offerings, and just plain fun. Christian senior living at Concordia is just a stone’s throw from the Paseo Arts District, Bricktown, the Plaza District, Classen Curve, and many other lively parts of Oklahoma City. At Concordia, there’s a full continuum of care. Whatever life stage you’re in, we have a caring community and staff to meet your needs.
  • Independent living options range from one-bedroom apartments to patio homes. Round-the-clock security and medical assistance are always available should you need them.
  • Assisted living blends independence with support from our expertly trained medical staff. You can develop an individual plan to suit your style.
  • The Concordia memory care neighborhood has trained staff and specialized programs to foster independence and provide ongoing care for those with dementia.
  • Skilled nursing care residents and those needing rehab receive the help and attention they deserve without missing out on friendship-building programs.
  • Long-term care is also available if you need 24-hour nursing assistance and significant help with daily tasks like dressing, eating, and bathing. Compassionate support is our specialty for those who can no longer care for themselves.
We’d love to tell you more. If you’d like to look deeper into our welcoming community, contact us, request a free copy of our Insider’s Guide to Senior Living, or sign up for our newsletter.


Have you ever found a “secret to success” that worked for you? I have never met a millionaire who wanted to give away his “secrets” free. Truth be known: I’ve never met a millionaire. “Secrets to Success” are available in every language and for every occupation known to humankind. Personally, I like the advice British writer and philosopher G.K. Chesterton gave to the young people of his day: “Lift where you stand.” Chesterton was speaking about being persistent in what you do. One dictionary has defined persistence as the “continuance of an effect after the cause is removed.” Scripture is clear about persistence. “Each day is God’s gift. It’s all you get in exchange for the hard work of staying alive. Make the most of each one! Whatever turns up, grab it and do it. And heartily!” Ecclesiastes 9:7-9, The Message “Hanging in there” may be the most difficult but most rewarding option for you. Lift where you stand. Lift what? Lift whom? Lift for how long? • Lift the people near you, beginning with the one closest to you. • Lift your sights to see what God wants you to do today…tomorrow…this week. • Lift your commitment to become the person God wants you to be. • Lift your praises to God. Thank him for placing you exactly where you are. • Keep on lifting until God says, “I’ve got a new place for you to lift. It’s just right for you.” Heavenly Father, I get the point. Thank you for sending it through your Word and through others I trust. My response is a sincere “I will.” In your time, show me I am making the right decision. Through Christ I pray. Amen. For additional devotionals by Thomas Barnard, visit
Were you on the debate team in high school or college? Maybe a better question would be “Did you know someone who was on the debate team in high school or college?” Ok. What if you were to find someone who is a debate team member and had the opportunity to ask them what they would say is the most important thing to accomplish in a debate? I have never been on a debate team, but if I were asked that question, I would say. “To have the LAST WORD.” The final statement. The one to which no rebuttal is allowed. Think of the first “debater” in the Bible. Old Satan, himself. He debated with Eve and convinced her that his “final word” was good and true and proper. Her final word should have been “No!” She let her husband, Adam, in on the “debate,” and his final word should have been “No!” as well. Instead, he remained silent and ate as did his wife. So, sin entered, and with it, death. But God a had a “final word” for all of this when He said to Satan, “I will put enmity between you and the woman, between your seed and her “SEED.” HE will crush your head, even as you strike at HIS heel” Years later, Satan tried again to have the last word. He tried to get Jesus to forsake His work and mission to go to the cross, carry the sins and brokenness of humanity and the whole creation in His human body and cancel sin and the death it brought with it. Satan tried three times to “debate” Jesus out of His destiny to be the sin-bearer. Three times Jesus had the final word. On Good Friday, death itself tried convince us that it had won the battle. As Jesus was bleeding, dying, on the cross His “final word” was, “It is finished!” “Father, into Your hands I place my spirit.” And as His body was placed in a borrowed tomb, it seemed that death had indeed won. Easter Sunday, three days later, the last word to end all words rang out: He is risen! Sin, death and Satan are defeated! No rebuttal! He is risen, indeed! Alleluia! A blessed and happy Easter to you all! Pastor Ron Christie – Zion Lutheran – OKC
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