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Virginia Olds

My family has always seen me as an independent living type of person. At the time I began researching alternatives to remaining in my house, I was still working. I took my time and narrowed my options and then visited the real contenders.

Concordia was my final decision. When I approached my children about it, I fully expected them to trust my consideration. They supported the decision. The next phase was unexpected. 

Packing up fifty years of family memories impacted my entire family. It took us a long time to pack. That’s when I realized, I was not only packing up my own things, but my son was saying goodbye to his childhood memories. – It was a time of really mixed feelings for everyone.

While my transition to Concordia was well supported by my family, that’s not the case for all seniors. For many of my friends and neighbors, their relatives have had to make moving arrangements after a medical emergency or other life event.

I have also noticed when the families are larger and have a number of children, it gets more complicated because everybody can have an opinion. This is stressful to a person whose life is so significantly changing.

I am thankful we had conversations in advance and my family knew my plan. I am also thankful my decision may eliminate any additional stress on them if my health condition/needs should change.