Oklahoman: Concordia Employees Awarded Scholarship

The 2016 Concordia Life Care Scholarship Program contributed to the educational pursuits of six associates.

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concordia scholarship imageSix Concordia Life Plan Community employees received a total of $6,825 in scholarships in 2016 through the Concordia Community Scholarship Program. The program was founded in 2014 to recognize Concordia employees’ contributions by supporting their continued education.

“We created the Concordia Community Scholarship Program to reward our associates for not only their commitment to Concordia but commitment to their professional development,” Executive Director Danny Eischen said. “We want to continually put our best foot forward with residents, staff and the entire Concordia community. A great way to do this is by investing in the people who make our mission possible. The scholarship fund enables Concordia associates to achieve their educational goals and this becomes an indirect, added benefit to residents and their families as well.”

Scholarships are available to part-time and full-time Concordia associates who have been employed with the organization for a minimum of six months and seek educational opportunities in their desired field of study. The 2016 Concordia Scholarship Program recipients include Abby Kern, Alma DeOme, Afsat Mugula, Teddy Turner, Esther Loredo and Rhonda Nowlin. The 2016 scholarship committee members include Pastor Ron Christie, Kristen Dobrovolny, Paige Mills-Haag, Fran Morris and Dr. John Reed.

More than $10,000 is needed for the Concordia Community Scholarship Program to fulfill the need for 2017 scholarships. A gift of $100,000 or above allows Concordia to begin an endowment for this program; a gift of $1,000,000 or above allows Concordia to name this scholarship program after the donor, in perpetuity.

“The Concordia Scholarship Program would not be possible without the support and generosity of Concordia’s community partners and private donors. The care and attention our employees bring to their jobs every day is second to none. This scholarship is a way for Concordia to show our appreciation for their service,” said Paige Mills-Haag, Director of Fund Development.

For more information about Concordia Life Care Community or the Concordia Community Scholarship Program, call (405)720-7200 or visit www.concordiaseniorliving.com/.

Photo of 2016 scholarship recipients. From left to right – Rhonda Nowlin, Afsat Mugula, Alma DeOme, Esther Loredo (back), Teddy Turner, and Abby Kern.