KWTV: Residents At Concordia Senior Living Center Win Wii Bowling National Championship

By Mike Glover | Jan. 21, 2022 | See Full Article Here

Video games are not just for the young, they’re also for the young at heart. And the residents at Concordia Senior Living Center have the trophy to prove it.

“Well, we’re just overgrown kids,” said Betty “Toots” Fisher, a member of the Wii bowling team.

Concordia residents Tom Pippen, Jim Culbertson, Bob Namkin and Betty “Toots” Fisher created a bowling team to compete in the national senior league Wii bowling competition.

“I really wanted to bowl but they had three men down here,” said Fisher.

Fisher came up with a plan to secure her spot on the team by naming the team three guys and a gal.

“I thought if another man comes down here, they might get him on the team. But if we have three guys and a gal as our team, they’d have to put up with me,” said Fisher.

The team now intact, couldn’t resist some friendly ribbing among teammates about how slow a couple of them bowl at the Concordia independent living and continuing care retirement community.

“We named it the sandwich ball because we had time to eat a sandwich before the ball got there,” said Fisher.

The competition began against one hundred sixty-five senior living centers from all around the country.

“Well, we’d just bowl the best we could and turned our scores in and we would find out if we won,” said Fisher.

Every week a new opponent and every week another victory.

“We just kept winning and we’d think this will be the last week, but we kept a going,” said Fisher.

Winning their way to a National Championship

All won fair and square right Ms. Toots?

“Did I cheat? No but I sure did want to,” said Fisher.

The team is excited about the national championship, but no time to rest, the next tournament starts in February.