KWTV: Local Organization’s Brain Health Program Helping Seniors Stay Sharp

By: Brian Mueller | Feb. 12 | See full article here

OKLAHOMA CITY – A local organization that helps seniors in our community has been recognized nationally for their work in brain health.

“We have learned that we can decide to age well, and we got a lot to say about that,” said Marilyn Olson, VillagesOKC executive director.

At VillagesOKC, they’re always racking their brains trying to come up with ways to make that thought a reality.

The not-for-profit serves the senior community in much of the Oklahoma City metro.

They recently launched their most expansive brain health program.

“Teaching us seniors, really how to make the most of our brain because your brain can change at any age,” said Olson.

The Brain Academy is a ten-session, biweekly Zoom class features Mindramp Consulting’s unique brain health program that tries to think outside the box when coming up with classes.

“One of the favorite ones has been, this is your brain on chocolate, and we learned about how eating chocolate can really help your brain,” said Olson.

To make things even sweeter, VillagesOKC was just recognized on a national level by the Mather Institute with a 2020 Promising Practices Award.

“What it says to me is, maybe the rest of the world would like to learn that seniors, older mature adults, can continue to improve their brains and would like to know more about it,” said Olson.

The academy is in session every other Wednesday and is $50 for VillagesOKC members and $100 for everyone else.

You can email or call 405-990-6637 to sign up.