Concordia to Welcome renowned brain expert, Eileen Joseph for a Live Facebook event in September.

Eileen is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Personal Trainer with over 25 years’ experience as a professional serving the aging adult population.  Eileen is passionate about sharing the opportunities we have to improve our brain health and maintain our physical and cognitive fitness as we age, that’s why she has integrated the expertise gained throughout the decades as a researcher, social worker, counselor and wellness educator into her “Keeping the Brain Young” speaking series.

Eileen has presented nationally to communities throughout the United States making complex healthcare and wellness information accessible to audiences of all ages and educational levels.  Since we learn best while having fun, participants leave smiling and ready to use the advice offered.

 Eileen’s focus throughout the years has evolved as an educator and trainer facilitating workshops and seminars on Dementia Care to both healthcare professionals, families, and caregivers struggling with a dementia related illness.  
Additionally, Eileen holds certification from the American College of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer and works with all levels in her community teaching Dance fitness, Conductorcize, Cognitive Wellness, Parkinson’s In Motion and Boxing to create healthy hearts.
 She is an avid learner, an enthusiastic birder, finds music and dance therapeutic and spends a great deal of time enjoying Mother Nature’s beautiful gifts.  She is a mom of two daughters and called grandmom by four amazing grandchildren.  

 Join us September 17th at 10:00am CST for a Brain Tips & Teasers webinar hosted by guest speaker Eileen Joseph. Give your brain some exercise with interactive teaser games. Find out how important healthy lifestyle habits are in helping aging brains stay sharp and learn about specific tips and practices you can add to your daily routine that can keep your mind young. If you’re striving to remain brain-healthy in your retirement years, you won’t want to miss this Facebook Live presentation! 

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