Concordia Residents, Staff “Come on down!” for The Price is Right Event

Bob Barker, AKA Concordia Executive Director Danny Eischen, emcees as Concordia resident Margaret Swanson plays Plinko during community-wide game show event.

Concordia residents and staff were able to come on down on July 28 for a Price Is Right-themed game show event. During the fun-filled occasion, residents enjoyed colorful decor, Price is Right music, exciting audience participation and, of course, a Bob Barker look-alike in the form of Concordia Executive Director Danny Eischen.

“The event was great because it brought the whole Concordia community together,” said activities director Megan Carter. “It allowed everyone to participate and let loose. We were really pleased with the turnout!”

Concordia’s Price is Right event consisted of multiple rounds of fan favorite games such as Plinko, Cliff Hangers, mini golf hole-in-one, dice game and Punch-A-Bunch.

“The variety of games opened the field up for everyone. It was a neat way to get the staff involved too,” Carter said.
Competitors were eager to win one of the many prizes available, including entertainment vouchers and various gift cards.

“The games were wonderful,” said resident Margaret Swanson. “I got one of the bids right to come on stage to play a game. I got to play PLINKO, and I won! We felt as if we were on a real game show.”

“The afternoon was full of laughter and fun,” Concordia employee Teresa Black said. “One of the many parts that I enjoyed was our announcer, Concordia’s business manager David Pickens, who made us all laugh as he described all the items the contestants were bidding on.”

The afternoon promoted friendly competition and colorful fun for Concordia residents and staff.

“I think the day was a great example of how we integrate residents of all care levels here at Concordia,” Carter said. “We truly care about our residents. The Price is Right event is just one example of how much we appreciate our residents and want them to enjoy every moment here at Concordia.”