Concordia Life Care Community raising the bar of assisted living

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When it comes to empowering older adults, Concordia Life Plan Community is committed to raising the bar.

For over 11 years, the Oklahoma City senior living community has pushed to provide cutting edge services to its residents such as farm-to-table dining options and master classes with engaging community professionals. Now, as a way to ensure individuals receive the same experience regardless of the level of care they need, Concordia is allowing nonlife care access to assisted living.

“We believe a person’s health shouldn’t dictate their environment. Everyone deserves the same level of dignity and lifestyle that they’re accustomed to,” said Julie Davis, Concordia Marketing Director.

Activities add quality

In addition to their update in assisted living access, Concordia also prioritizes each resident’s distinctive experiences and preferences. Lifestyle Coordinator Madelyn Maxwell makes sure she’s in tune to residents’ needs.

“I think our residents appreciate our desire to seek outlets for their personal interest,” Maxwell said.

It may be as simple as providing volunteer opportunities with community partners such as Junior League of Oklahoma City or as active as weekly Xbox bowling tournaments.

“Sometimes it’s just a one-on-one conversation in their apartments,” she said. “What matters is that we listen to what they are saying. We’re continually looking for ways to challenge and engage our residents.”

Concordia’s team also includes Chris Coleman, a recent full-time hire as Concordia’s Wellness Coordinator. Coleman is a certified personal trainer with experience in post rehabilitation and was instrumental in bringing Rock Steady Boxing, a fitness program geared toward individuals living with Parkinson’s disease, to the community. Coleman has been especially effective working with residents in assisted living.

“They love to move and push their bodies to stay strong and healthy,” Coleman said. “They inspire me every day.”

“The fact that Chris and Madelyn are full-time employees allows them to provide truly exceptional programming,” said Executive Director Danny Eischen. “We invest in our employees so they can use their specialized talents to invest in our residents.”

Individualized care

Eischen reiterates the individualized care that Concordia’s assisted living community offers.

“When people move into assisted living, we’re able to individualize a plan of care for them, and our staff are really able to get to know each and every resident,” Eischen said. “We want to individualize to that person’s needs, so we sit down with them; we find out what are their likes, what are their preferences. We want to make sure that their experience is duplicated as close to what they were used to at home as possible.”

Family members of recent assisted living resident Russell Lathrop say Concordia lived up to this commitment while Lathrop was at Concordia.

“The whole atmosphere of that place is wonderful,” said Lathrop’s daughter-in-law DeAnn Lathrop. “Everyone on the staff is friendly. Everyone knew my father-in-law by name and his wants and needs.”

“It’s a little bit more expensive than some others, but it’s well worth the extra money,” she added.

Davis encourages prospective residents to look at more than cost when evaluating assisted living communities.

Assisted living at Concordia offers a unique experience through a combination of personalized care, spacious, private apartments, warm neighborhood surroundings and professional expertise,” Davis said.

“We give our residents plenty of time for engaging in activities, visiting with friends and family, or just relaxing, all with the security of knowing a helping hand is there when needed.”

Residents who require specialized care for health issues such as diabetes are welcome at Concordia and are met with a team of dedicated, trained staff.

“I think many people are surprised to learn we have an RN on campus 24 hours a day and are able to provide access to assisted living or memory apartments should residents need those services,” said Certified Senior Living Advisor Rhonda Nowlin. “And they’re equally encouraged when they learn we can care for a variety of health issues some assisted living communities cannot.”

About Concordia

Concordia Life Care Community, a senior living community, is set on about 15 acres in northwest Oklahoma City. It is a community where independent adults can trade the hassle of homeownership for a vibrant lifestyle and a guarantee of care should the need arise. Residents are able to socialize, travel and take advantage of Concordia’s unique programming opportunities and amenities, without having to worry about the maintenance that comes with owning a home.

“We’re passionate about providing a vibrant, engaging environment for our residents,” Davis said. “It’s important to us that they have the opportunity to live life to the fullest whether that mean spending time with family and friends or serving their community through volunteering — we want to give them the tools to succeed.”

Perhaps Concordia’s focus on community outreach comes, in part, from the way Concordia operates. Founded by a local group of Lutherans who identified a need for providing older adults the resources they need in a faith-based setting, Concordia continues to be managed by individuals based in Oklahoma City. Concordia’s mission revolves around its residents and its community.

While Concordia is affiliated with the Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod, their mission is to serve residents of all backgrounds and beliefs.

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