Concordia Life Plan Community resident finds inspiration in strength and innovation

This article was originally posted on OKC Friday.

A powerful woman empowers other women and never loses her strength.
That’s what Sheila Myers learned through her career as a nurse, researcher and professor.

“Being in nursing, we were always influenced by females, but the women who really impressed me were those who cared about where they were going and what they might be able to do,” said Myers.

Myers, a resident at Concordia Life Plan Community, came from a family of health practitioners — her aunt, uncle and father were physicians. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Oklahoma Baptist University where she realized her passion for maternity care. She then went on to Yale University, where she became a certified nurse midwife with a specialty in nursing research.

When Myers was in college, she remembered finding inspiration in a faculty member who believed in a new way of doing things. At the time, it was uncommon for women to be awake during birth. It was also uncommon for men to be present in the room.

Myers noticed a disconnect in these traditions and what was best for the patients and the babies and believed a new way of practicing would soon become the norm.

She was right.

Working in a female-dominant profession, Myers noticed that the most influential women, women like the faculty member she admired, seemed to consistently empower others and exhibit strength, even during difficult times.
Myers said honing these skills has continued to prove important, as they’ve guided her through her recent decision to move into independent living at Concordia.

“Something that goes with transitioning to Concordia, is the idea that women are strong.” said Myers. “I think as women face making a life transition, it’s essential for them to remain strong.”

Luckily for Myers, Concordia has many residents with diverse, inspirational backgrounds who are keen to continue pursuing their passions and giving back to their communities in big ways.