Concordia Life Plan Community Hosts Renowned Christian Scientist for Masterclass

Concordia Life Plan, an Oklahoma City senior living community, hosted their most well attended public event to date on August 27. Free to the public, the event focused on the intersection of Christianity and science, and how they can fit together.

Dr. Michael Strauss, a particle physicist, professor at the University of Oklahoma and a Christian scientist, led a free masterclass on why he is both a Christian and a scientist. In his masterclass, he gave a compelling argument for intelligent universe design.

Dr. Strauss has undergraduate experience in both theology and physics, so he offered a unique view on how science and Christianity can fit together.

“Having Dr. Strauss present his scholarship and research at Concordia was such an honor. We were happy to have him and so glad the event was well received,” said Danny Eischen, Concordia Exec. Director. “It’s our aim to bring in speakers who give our residents and community members the opportunity to learn new things at any age.”

After the event, Strauss answered questions and signed his newest book The Creator Revealed: A Physicist Examines the Big Bang and the Bible.

For more information on Dr. Michael Strauss, visit his website here.

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About Concordia Life Plan Community

Concordia is a Life Plan Community where one can live independently, and be guaranteed access to assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing or long-term care should the need ever arise. Here, residents embrace life, stay fit, grow intellectually and engage in meaningful activities. Concordia is a nonprofit organization committed to upholding Christian values by serving the community through programs including free Wellness on Wheels clinics, its DME/furniture donation program, Mobile Meals and more.