Concordia Life Plan Community Enhances Brand to
Compliment Mission

Oklahoma City (Oct. 31, 2019) –Concordia Life Care Community has changed its logo and name to Concordia Life Plan Community to enhance its brand and better illustrate its future-focused mission. The rebranding compliments a redesign of the Concordia website, which better illustrates the myriad of living options Concordia offers for current and future residents, as well as the countless opportunities Concordia provides to volunteer, stay active, continue learning and live life to the fullest.

“Concordia is a continuing care community, which means we meet residents’ needs both today and tomorrow,” said Danny Eischen, Executive Director of Concordia Life Plan Community. “We celebrate all stages of the aging process, which is why we believe Concordia offers peace of mind for the future. Residents at Concordia have the options to live independently, but know they have guaranteed access to assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing or long-term care should the need arise. This rebrand better showcases who we are and the lifestyle we embody.”

Since July 2019, Concordia has served under the name of Concordia Life Plan Community and has revamped its logo design and color from maroon to green. Green was chosen because it represents the color of life, growth and harmony. Concordia believes personal growth, lifelong learning and remarkable achievements can be realized at any age, especially later in life given the right opportunities and supportive lifestyle.

Concordia’s updated website includes new features such as interactive floorplans, additional details about Concordia’s numerous outreach programming, and much more. Concordia’s leadership believes these updates will meet the needs of future older adults showing them a more robust, expansive community equipped to meet their nuanced needs.

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About Concordia Life Plan Community

Concordia is a Life Plan community where one can live independently, and be guaranteed access to assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing or long-term care should the need ever arise. Here, residents embrace life, stay fit, grow intellectually and engage in meaningful activities. Concordia is a nonprofit organization committed to upholding Christian values by serving the community through programs including free Wellness on Wheels clinics, its DME/furniture donation program, Mobile Meals and more.