Concordia Life Plan Community Celebrates Powerful Female Residents During Women’s History Month

From the passing of Women’s History Week in 1981 to Women’s History Month’s official proclamation in 1995, stories about women doing big things deserve to be shared. March commemorates women’s essential contributions throughout American history in all industries and fields. Concordia Life Plan Community is home to many admirable women who left valuable impressions on their careers and colleagues.

Virginia Olds is one of many women at Concordia with an inspired career. Olds took a winding path on her way to the top of her industry. Rather than remaining in one field, she spent time in various industries, learning unique lessons from each. 

“My career has been what I call ‘multi-faceted,'” said Olds.

Olds started her career as a registered nurse, then transitioned into social work. After that, she became a faculty member at the University of Oklahoma’s School of Social Work. While Olds worked in a wide variety of fields, she focused on her passion for people no matter the industry or role.

Olds remembers the time of limited opportunities for women at the beginning of her career. However, she is excited by the necessary and significant transition of acceptance and believes it’s the right move to give women a seat at the table.

“One of the things I learned was each of us has a special skill, a special talent,” said Olds. “Getting to know and become comfortable with that which we’ve been given is a challenge and an opportunity.”

March is not only Women’s History Month; it’s also National Social Worker Month, a time that means a great deal to Olds. While Olds is currently retired at Concordia, her successes and learning have not stopped. She uses her unique skills and abilities to help others through Concordia’s many outreach and volunteer opportunities and is a member of Concordia’s Ladies Auxiliary group.