Endowment Funds

What is an endowment fund?

An endowment fund is a gifting agreement between you and a trusted foundation where you designate a specific charity or ministry to receive your gift over a period of time. The timing and the amount of the distribution can be tailored to meet your specific ministry goals. The endowment fund is managed by the trusted foundation you select, which invests the funds and makes the distributions to the selected charities or ministries.

An endowment fund can be used by donors to “endow” their annual giving. For example, Mary gave approximately $2,000 a year to Concordia Life Plan Community. As part of her estate planning goals, Mary wants her retirement community to continue to receive $2,000 annually even after her death. Working with her estate planning advisors and a trusted foundation, Mary created an endowment fund which will be funded with approximately $40,000 from her estate. Assuming an average 5% return, the endowment fund will distribute approximately $2,000 a year to Mary’s specified charity. Mary used the endowment to make a meaningful and lasting gift to the Lord’s work!

Endowment funds are also great way to establish a memorial to a loved one or remember other special occasions. Because you choose the endowment name, you can even include the special name, occasion or purpose in the name of the fund.

These are only a few examples of how endowment funds can be used. Consult your Gift Planning Counselor/Financial Advisor to help you establish an endowment fund that accomplishes your ministry goals and charitable intent.