Concordia night nurses.

Oklahoma City senior living community offers 24/7 nursing for residents

Oklahoma City senior living community offers unique perks for residents.

Most people avoid waking between 1 to 4 a.m., if possible; however, for many nurses, medical professionals and some residents at Concordia Life Plan Community, those hours are the best parts of their day.

“It may sound odd, but sometimes when it is difficult for me to sleep or when I need to take a late-night prescription, I’ve enjoyed the company my nurse provides,” said Danny McGee, an assisted living resident at Concordia.

Concordia, a continuing care retirement community, offers all levels of care — from independent living to assisted living, skilled nursing and more. Recently, Concordia expanded resources for their overnight program for assisted living, memory and skilled nursing areas.

“I was a night nurse at Concordia before moving to the day shift. I’ve always enjoyed nights as a nurse. My family thinks I’m crazy, but it’s quieter, calmer, and, at Concordia, the assisted living residents are always kind no matter the hour,” said Rachel Suarez, Concordia’s assistant director of nursing. “You’d be surprised, but Concordia night nurses have quite a bit of fun joking, laughing, and talking with residents about our days. My overnight shift was a huge blessing.”

Though typical in hospitals, overnight nurses and teams aren’t commonplace in assisted living communities. At Concordia, trained nurses, an on-site physician’s assistant, and other staff members provide residents with medicine distribution, living assistance, general hygiene and social interaction 24/7. Because Concordia team members are trained to treat assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing individuals both physically and mentally, they’re always in tune with residents’ emotional needs.

“Overnight nurses were so helpful for me after I hurt my back and spent some time in assisted living last year,” said long-time Concordia resident Bess Wessler. “Through help with my chiropractor and my Concordia nursing team, I have worked my way back to independent living. I do miss the night nurses, but I’m so grateful they were able to help me heal and get me back to a familiar routine.”

“In our industry, the level of overnight care we provide in our assisted living and memory services is uncommon,” said Concordia CEO Danny Eischen. “In many cases, the team is merely on-site in case of emergency. At Concordia, we have a team that ensures residents have an extension of family and providers available to them 24/7. It’s something that sets us apart.”

Older adults may feel they can rely on families or friends to support them late in life. However, recent statistics from the U.S. Census show nearly one in six adults age 55 and older are childless, and that level is expected to increase over the next several years. For those individuals, securing reliable access to assistance can be a significant factor in staying healthy.

“I continue to be blown away by Concordia’s team. Their team members became an extension of our family when my mother needed overnight nursing care,” said Concordia family member Denise Palmer. “Typically, it is difficult to place your trust in others to take care of a loved one. Concordia takes a lot of the stress away because you know the team provides exceptional mental and physical care, no matter what time it is. I feel like Concordia’s support actually makes me a better daughter.”

When health issues arise, the perceived loss of independence can be challenging to accept. Concordia’s team is committed to helping residents find new ways to discover their purpose and do what they love while promoting as much autonomy and dignity as possible. Concordia offers the security of maintenance-free living and peace of mind with a full continuum of care — from independent living and assisted living to skilled nursing and rehabilitationmemory care and long-term care. Contact us to learn more about Concordia or by calling 405-720-7200.