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Independent Living Decision Guide

What is Independent Living for Seniors?

When seniors are still able-bodied, healthy and active, and require very little assistance with daily tasks, it may seem like there’s no reason to consider moving from a home they’ve lived in for most of their lives. In this case, independent living for seniors may be thought to mean aging in place in the home.

However, more and more seniors are beginning to realize that staying in their current homes can become more of a burden than a blessing as the years go by. Daily upkeep of the yard, climbing stairs, ongoing health issues, and social isolation may all start to become a concern the longer they stay in the home.

Today’s senior living communities offer peace of mind for future needs. These communities are perfect for seniors who are still active and engaged socially, ready to build new relationships with peers and live their lives to the fullest extent.

Common Questions about Independent Senior Living

If you’re wondering if moving to an is the right decision for you, here are answers to some of the commonly asked questions and concerns.

Will I give up my independence if I move from my current home?

Although losing one’s independence upon moving to a senior living community is a common concern, the opposite is actually the case. Community living promotes independence among the residents, as no longer will you have to worry about home maintenance, housekeeping tasks, cooking meals, and more. You’ll find you have more time to enjoy doing all the things you truly love!

Will I get bored?

Senior living communities offer a calendar full of social events and activities to ensure that residents are never bored. Take a class, learn a new hobby, or head into town with your peers for a day of shopping; or, simply relax and play cards with other residents in the game room.

Am I able to come and go as I please?

Residents are encouraged to maintain as many activities off campus as they’d like. You can still visit friends and family, and conversely, have them over to visit you anytime as well!

Do healthy seniors move to independent living communities?

Making the move to a senior living community while you are still healthy and able-bodied is actually a very smart decision. A community like Concordia offers a to provide peace of mind to residents, assuring them that as their needs change, the healthcare options they receive will change, too. You’ll feel confident knowing that your family will be relieved of any possible caregiving duties in the future.

What are some of the independent living services and amenities offered by senior living communities?

There are so many associated with a senior community that make life easy and fulfilling for the residents! There are regularly scheduled social and wellness activities, delicious meals and assistance with housekeeping tasks, just to name a few. Many senior communities also offer amenities like art studios, libraries and computer rooms and onsite beauty salons. Add in the security of an onsite health clinic and 24 hour security and emergency alert systems, and you’ll see why choosing an independent living community is a great option for today’s active seniors.

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