moving elderly parents

Helping Aging Parents Move

Downsizing a Home and Moving Seniors: Know Your Options

For anyone, relocating to a new home can be an emotional process. Leaving behind a house that has been the backdrop for years of memories is likely to bring about feelings of nostalgia. Moving elderly parents can be especially bittersweet, and sometimes even difficult as you find yourself  assisting with the many decisions that accompany downsizing a home.

Seniors today have a variety of community living options available designed to make life easier and provide the peace of mind that comes with simplified access to long-term care. From spacious independent living apartments with fun, convenient amenities, to around-the-clock care in an assisted living community, at a continuing care retirement community like Concordia, seniors and their families can rest assured that health needs will be met now and in the future. Downsizing a home can be a challenge, the benefits of a senior living community far outweigh the stress of moving day.

Moving Elderly Parents: Getting Started

It is important for children and aging parents to discuss the future sooner rather than later. Studies have shown that seniors who move into a senior living community while they are still healthy and active are more likely to stay that way! If possible, involve your parent in every step of the research process to choose the best-fitting community.

Here are a few moving and downsizing tips to keep in mind:

  • Visit communities together. After you discuss the type of community your parents desire, visit several in your area together. Learn about the services and amenities offered, meet the staff and residents and get a feel for the surroundings.
  • Get a floor plan of their new living space. Once your parents have chosen a community, ask for a floor plan of their new apartment or living space. This will help them to plan which belongings they can plan to bring and how much storage will be available.
  • Sort through belongings with other family members. Make packing day a family affair. Your parents will appreciate help sorting through many years’ worth of belongings and making decisions about what to bring with them. Packing together will also help your parents designate certain items to offer family members and friends. Knowing that cherished items will go to a good home can make packing decisions easier.
  • Schedule the moving day and hire movers early on. If you’re moving your elderly parents during the peak months of May through September, this is especially important. Nail down a moving day and hire professional movers as soon as possible.
  • Get an assessment from a real estate professional. If you plan to help your parents put their home on the market, contact a local real estate agent and get an assessment on the value of the home. Make any suggested home improvements to ensure a quicker sale.
  • Be prepared for challenges. You can prepare as much as possible, but some moving day challenges may be unavoidable. Perhaps an item was broken on the moving truck or the movers themselves are running an hour behind schedule. The less you allow yourself to stress, the calmer and more adaptable to change your parents will be, too.

Vibrant Senior Living at Concordia

At Concordia Life Care Community, your parents will enjoy a vast array of services and amenities to ensure active, easy living! We have a variety of residences available on our beautiful campus with supportive services for peace of mind about the future. Contact Concordia today to learn more or to schedule a visit!