Enjoy winter activities in Oklahoma City.

11 of the Best Winter Activities in Oklahoma City

Some regions shut down when the weather gets colder, but Oklahoma City has great events year-round, including in the colder months. Residents have many different winter activities to choose from, and some are even more fulfilling when there’s snow. Here are 11 of the best winter activities in Oklahoma City.

Cultural Winter Activities

Whether you’re spending time with friends who’ve lived in Oklahoma City their entire lives or you’re playing the tour guide for visiting family who haven’t experienced the city, there’s always something new to learn about the area.

1. The Cowboy Museum

Cowboy culture is part of Oklahoma’s culture, and the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City is the place to absorb it. Here you’ll learn about cowboy work and take a closer look at Westward Expansion in America. Go with a group and take a guided tour through the museum, where you’ll get a look at the tools of the Old West and see what made it so “wild.”

2. Historic Downtown Guthrie

For a real-time glimpse into historic Oklahoma, visit the city of Guthrie. Stroll through the Guthrie Historic District and experience architecture that has been largely unchanged since the late 19th century. The Victorian-style buildings keep the image of the Wild West alive and set the scene for immersive tours and authentic shops.

3. Oklahoma City Streetcar

The Oklahoma City Streetcar is a new way to get around the city. It’s free for kids and inexpensive for adults, and if you live at Concordia, it’s an easy 25-minute drive. Look at the OKC Streetcar route map and plan your tour of the city.

Natural Winter Recreation

There are some natural scenes that you can only observe during the winter. Oklahoma City has plenty of options for admiring and interacting with nature, from wildlife refuges and nature centers to free fishing events on the first Saturday of each month.

4. Martin Park Nature Center

If colder temperatures only make you more excited to spend time outdoors, plan a trip to the Martin Park Nature Center this winter. Just a 15-minute drive from Concordia, it’s easy to stop by the nature museum or follow the beaten paths and see what the snow has done for the scenery. Bring a camera along in case you come across woodland residents or a particularly nice view of the creek.

5. Eagle Watching

Eagles are a sight to behold, but you can’t find them in every state. There are quite a few places in Oklahoma where you can spot eagles in the scenic skies during the winter. Here are some of the best eagle-watching spots:

6. Free Fishing

Oklahoma City allows free fishing on the first Saturday of every month. You’ll still need a license if you’re between the ages of 16 and 62, but you won’t need a city permit. If you’re not a frequent angler, look over the regulations before you plan your outing. Fishing can be exciting and relaxing at the same time, and it’s a nice way to bond with your family. 

Indoor Leisure

If you’re not a fan of the elements, you might prefer to spend the winter months indoors. Fortunately, Oklahoma City has a sizeable selection of indoor attractions to offer.

7. Local Breweries

The craft beer industry is booming in America, and Oklahoma City is home to a number of breweries. Step out of the cold and into a tasting room to try a flight of locally-brewed beer, or make arrangements for a tour around the brewery. These are some of OKC’s favorites:

8. Chesapeake Energy Arena (Paycom Center)

Sports fans will love the Chesapeake Energy Arena (Paycom Center), home of the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder. The winter makes up a good portion of the NBA schedule, so it’s prime time to witness your favorite athletes. The arena also hosts monster truck rallies, WWE events and other shows and concerts.

9. Gaming Spots

In addition to the board games you own and can play at home, Oklahoma City has a couple of fun gaming spots for the family.

  • Loot & XP: Loot & XP is a board game cafe with hundreds of games to choose from as well as a snack bar that serves coffee and tea.
  • The Escape OKC: Escape rooms have you and your partners solve puzzles and try to “escape” the room. The Escape OKC holds private sessions so your team won’t have any additional players outside of your group. There are six themes to choose from, but the goal is always to solve the puzzle and escape the room within an hour.

Fun Exercise Opportunities

A healthy lifestyle always includes exercise, but people tend to slow down when it gets colder. Here are some of the more fun ways to work out during the winter.

10. Workout Classes

Some people find that organized classes keep them committed to their exercise routines. Classes also add a social aspect to working out that can make it more fun and engaging. Oklahoma City has all kinds of exercise groups, from yoga and walking clubs to Zumba and tai chi classes. If you live in supportive community, you’ll often find wellness programs built into the schedule.

11. Ice Skating Rinks

Ice skating is a classic winter hobby and a fun way to break up the usual exercise routine. You can skate outdoors at places like the Edmond Ice Rink or Devon Ice Rink during certain times in the winter, and you can visit OKC’s indoor rinks all year long.

Enjoy Winter in Oklahoma City from an Active Community for Adults

Enjoying the winter months is often easier when you live in an active community with neighbors and friends that share your interests. Concordia Life Plan Community is a supportive living community based on Christian values that offers a variety of winter activities for seniors. We’re just 30 minutes from the center of town and an easy drive away from Oklahoma City’s best attractions. Contact us for more information on how we can help you enjoy your retirement as an independent living resident.

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