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The Benefits of Community Living During the Winter

Winter Safety for Seniors

When the temperatures fall, seniors face an increased risk of health problems and injuries. These could include everything from frostbite, hypothermia, and the flu to heart attacks, falls and broken bones.

Living at home alone during the winter also means many seniors become socially isolated, as getting around outside can become too treacherous to attempt. Isolation easily leads to loneliness and depression. For these reasons and more, winter certainly poses challenges in the daily lives of seniors.

Senior Community Living – Services and Amenities for a Comfortable Life

The reasons noted above all make a great case for residing in a senior living community. Why? Well, senior community living offers a variety of benefits, services and amenities that just make life easier—especially in the winter months.

One of the main benefits of a senior living community is the fact that residents enjoy a campus lifestyle, with everything they need all in one general location. A few other reasons why a senior community is valuable throughout the winter include:

Scheduled transportation. Many seniors dread driving in the winter weather, and with good reason. Snow, sleet and ice can mean treacherous conditions on the road for even the safest driver. At a senior living community, residents don’t need to worry about driving to off-campus appointments or events, as transportation is often readily available as needed.

Daily dining services. In a senior living community, residents enjoy delicious, healthy meals in a beautiful restaurant-style dining room on a daily basis. Gone is the need to spend time meal planning, shopping for groceries, or cleaning up a sink full of dirty dishes. Plus, there’s no need to drive to a restaurant- simply walk across campus to the community dining room! At Concordia, our menus are crafted with residents’ nutritional needs and preferences in mind by our experienced chef, Tony De Lara.

On-site social activities. Avoiding social isolation in the winter is not a problem at a senior living community. And because staying socially active is as vital to health as physical activity, residents can take part in events such as Wii Bowling tournaments, card games, movie matinees, bible study, and so much more.

Wellness programs. Speaking of physical activity, senior independent living communities have plenty of options available to residents to ensure the blood stays flowing and the heart rate gets elevated regularly. Residents don’t need to worry about going outside for a walk on an icy sidewalk, or even driving to a local gym. Whether they want to take a cardio dance or tai chi class, or simply workout solo in the fitness center, plenty of opportunities to stay physically fit are available right on campus.

Enjoy a Vibrant Lifestyle throughout the Year at Concordia

Concordia offers exceptional senior living in OKC with all the amenities. Residents enjoy the retirement lifestyle they’ve been hoping for, in maintenance-free cottages and apartments on a 15-acre park-like campus where they can live healthy, vibrant lives.

If you’d like to learn more about Concordia, view our floorplans today, or contact us to schedule a visit to see all our beautiful community has to offer.

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