The 8 Dimensions of Wellness

The 8 Dimensions of Wellness

Health and Wellness for Seniors

Older adults are living longer, healthier lives today thanks both to advances in healthcare and the knowledge that staying well helps improve our minds, bodies and souls. Wellness means much more than simply eating a nutritious diet and exercising regularly; it is defined as “not only the absence of disease, illness or stress, but the presence of purpose in life, active involvement in satisfying work and play, joyful relationships, a healthy body and living environment, and happiness.”

Tips for Improving Senior Wellness

It’s important to consider all 8 dimensions of wellness to live a longer, happier and more fulfilling life. Being unwell in just one aspect can have a drastic impact in all other areas of your life.

The 8 dimensions of wellness that affect healthy aging include:

  • Physical: Getting at least thirty minutes of daily exercise can help you improve your balance and mobility, as well as decrease illness and the impact of some chronic conditions. Plus, the more physically fit you are, the better chance you have of avoiding the number one cause of accidents among seniors – a fall.
  • Social: Seniors who live alone in their homes are often at a higher risk of isolation, which can lead to depression and other mental health issues. It’s important to develop a proper support system, particularly for older adults. Fortunately, retirement provides an opportunity for more time to spend with friends and family to continue building those relationships.
  • Intellectual: Keeping your brain healthy and stimulated through lifelong learning opportunities improves memory and overall cognition. Continue to find ways to expand your skills and knowledge throughout your retirement.
  • Emotional: Some studies have found that keeping a positive outlook on life can help lower certain health risks. Boost your mood by learning proper coping skills to improve your overall emotional wellbeing.
  • Spiritual: Give meaning to your days by finding a connection to your inner values. This helps expand your sense of purpose and can also make it easier for you to get through some of those difficult times.
  • Occupational: For seniors who have already retired, sharing the knowledge you’ve learned over your lifetime allows you to continue to get enrichment from your past career. Consider becoming a tutor, consultant, or volunteering to stay connected and give back to your community.
  • Environmental: Your physical environment plays a large role in helping you feel comfortable, engaged and inspired. Stay active by getting outdoors for activities like walking or gardening, plus get involved in community events as often as possible.
  • Financial: Being prepared for the future financially is also key to senior wellness. When you retire, find ways to make sure you are as satisfied with your current financial situation as possible.

Senior Wellness for the Mind, Body and Soul at Concordia Life Care Community

Senior living communities recognize the importance of maintaining a high level of senior wellness in all the dimensions, and for this reason, residents are provided with a variety of events and activities designed to enrich their lives. At Concordia, we believe a strong mind, body and soul is key to the highest quality of life for everyone.

If you’d like to learn more about Concordia, contact us to schedule a visit to see all our beautiful community has to offer for independent living, assisted living and more.

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