What’s up in senior living?

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Tips to Help Avoid Senior Scams and Scammers

Seniors lose approximately $3 billion from their savings each year because of scams in the U.S. Around one in 10 Americans age 65 and older are victimized by scammers in their lifetime, but a few tips can save you from falling prey to senior scams.   Don’t give out credit card numbers over the phone Don’t give money to family over the phone Follow the adage “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is?” Don’t give control …

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Turn Your Excess “Stuff” into Retirement Funding

Ready to downsize? If so, you’re not alone. Four in ten retirees move each year, and more than half move to a smaller home. Many adults also choose to move into an independent living retirement community near friends, family or an area they enjoy. Downsizing means more than just moving to a smaller home, however. Before you can move you need to deal with all the stuff you’ve accumulated over the years. The average American home contains more than 300,000 items. …

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An Expert’s Perspective on Physical Distancing

As our time away from friends and family begins to weigh heavily on our hearts and minds, I found the below letter a comforting perspective on why we are distancing from the most important people in our lives. I was reminded that we do this to protect the people we love the most, to respect and value our neighbors’ lives, and to preserve the communities that have given so much to us over the years. While these physical tests are …

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5 Benefits of Downsizing for Seniors

People from all walks of life are recognizing the benefits of a simpler lifestyle. Millennials have popularized the concept of minimalism, businesses are forgoing office space in the name of simplicity and many seniors consider downsizing as their daily needs and desires change. Although it’s natural to grow accustomed to a certain way of life, downsizing holds many advantages.  The True Cost of Personal Items We often end up accumulating more than we really need or even care about. This accumulation …

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Downsizing has multiple benefits for seniors.

Independent Living vs. Assisted Living

Baby Boomers began hitting age 65 in 2011, which means over 76 million people have officially entered their retirement years. At the same time the Boomers are retiring, the average life expectancy is also gradually increasing. While your health, lifestyle and family history of course play a role in how long you will live, many seniors today are celebrating birthdays far beyond the age of 80. In fact, according to stats from CDC, just 20 years ago a person could …

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Guide to Senior Housing

The Variety of Senior Living Options Available Today As an older adult plans for the future, it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed or confused about the wide variety of senior living options you need to consider. Whether you’re looking for an active, independent living lifestyle with a variety of exciting social opportunities, or need some assistance with healthcare tasks like medication management, it’s important to assess your individual situation. This way, you can ensure you choose an environment where you’ll …

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The Benefits of Community Living During the Winter

Winter Safety for Seniors When the temperatures fall, seniors face an increased risk of health problems and injuries. These could include everything from frostbite, hypothermia, and the flu to heart attacks, falls and broken bones. Living at home alone during the winter also means many seniors become socially isolated, as getting around outside can become too treacherous to attempt. Isolation easily leads to loneliness and depression. For these reasons and more, winter certainly poses challenges in the daily lives of …

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Moving Checklist for Seniors

Downsizing Your Home: How to Prepare After you’ve made the decision to downsize your home and simplify your life by moving into a senior living community, it’s time to start preparing for your moving day. Moving can be a stressful time for anyone, but keeping organized throughout the process will allow you to look forward to this new chapter in your life. Moving To-Do List to Get You Started As soon as you have chosen the retirement community that best …

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The Best Services at Senior Living Communities

How Does Quality of Life Improve in a CCRC? Today’s modern senior living communities offer an active, vibrant lifestyle with a wide variety of services and amenities to keep residents happy and healthy and improve their overall quality of life. These communities are a far cry from the institutionalized “nursing home” of the past, with its white walls and hospital beds. Research has shown seniors thrive in a community setting where they can remain as independent as possible. A continuing …

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Reasons to Create a Living Will

What is a Living Will? A living will, also known as an advance directive or health care directive, is a legal document specifying your wishes regarding end-of-life care in the event you become incapacitated in some way. By definition, a living will is a written statement detailing a person’s desires regarding their medical treatment in circumstances in which they are no longer able to express informed consent. The living will is often confused with a different legal document, the last …

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